Hi, I’m Nathaniel Holzmann.

Welcome to my virtual corner of the internet!

Right now 100% of my time is focused on building Low Code Road, a software company focused on saving businesses time. Low Code Road supports hundreds of companies around the world and thousands of daily users across multiple low code and no code software platforms.

I develop people.

In the past, I’ve had both the titles of Project Manager and Product Manager. This meant I got to build great software with great people. From non-profits, to startups to government work, I’ve always found that having people who understand the mission, vision, and purpose of what they’re building helps make things go much smoother.

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I’m the CEO at Low Code Road.

As an employee, I could see how companies could improve their processes, systems, and employee satisfaction. In 2020, a side-gig my wife had started began taking off. By 2022, we’d turned that side-project into a full-time business. We’ve got 10+ people now working as a team to deliver low code and no code solutions to companies around the world.

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