Nathaniel Holzmann, a seasoned entrepreneur, investor, husband, and father of seven amazing children, has carved a distinguished 20+ year career in the software industry. Beginning his journey in 2004 as a software support representative, Nathaniel quickly demonstrated a unique aptitude for bridging the gap between software development and user experience. This role was the springboard into a dynamic career path encompassing product and project management, where he skillfully guided both companies and individuals in creating impactful software products. His expertise spans a diverse array of organizational structures, including privately owned businesses, venture capital and private equity-backed enterprises, and government organizations, offering a rich tapestry of experiences that shape his approach to technology and leadership.

A pivotal moment in Nathaniel’s career occurred over a decade ago when he was introduced to low-code technology. Recognizing its potential to revolutionize software development, he became an early adopter and advocate. His foresight proved accurate; low-code technology has since evolved into a powerful tool enabling the creation of highly customized software solutions at a fraction of traditional costs. This innovation now forms the cornerstone of modern enterprise solutions, saving companies millions in development expenses.

Currently, as the CEO of Low Code Road, Nathaniel leads an extraordinary global team dedicated to developing and supporting low-code and no-code software applications. Under his leadership, Low Code Road has become a beacon in the industry, serving hundreds of companies and impacting thousands of end-users. His team’s work in custom-built inventory management systems for custom manufacturers has particularly distinguished the company, showcasing their ability to tackle niche market needs with innovative and efficient solutions.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Nathaniel is deeply committed to fostering a culture of continuous learning and empowerment. He believes in leveraging technology not just as a business tool, but as a means to enrich lives, enhance skill sets, and create opportunities for both his team and clients. This philosophy resonates through Low Code Road’s operations, where the focus is not only on delivering top-tier technological solutions but also on human-centric development and growth.

Looking to the future, Nathaniel envisions further expanding Low Code Road’s impact, exploring new frontiers in low-code technology, and continuing to democratize software development. He is passionate about nurturing the next generation of tech talent and is actively involved in initiatives that encourage innovation and tech education. In all his endeavors, Nathaniel remains guided by a simple yet powerful belief: technology, when harnessed with expertise and empathy, can indeed make the world a better place for all.

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Low Code Road

Low Code Road is the software development agency Nathaniel and his wife co-founded in 2012 to help companies take advantage of Low Code and No Code technologies. Working with a team of employees from around the world, the company builds and supports low code and no code software.